Explaining basic terms

It provides GenoSolution terms related
to genetic information.

What is heredity?
Genotype VS Phenotype

Genotype VS Phenotype

Genotype refers to the combination of
genes that express traits of living organisms.
Phenotype refers to those traits that are expressed
externally due to the results of combination of genotypes.

What is a Genome?

The term 'Genome' is a compound word of the term gene and ome.
A human being has a total of 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes.
The DNA comprising the whole chromosome is called Genome.
Now, let's see what Genome is with some graphics.

The DNA of human beings are 99.9 % identical.

0.1% difference is known to make difference in
personal physical characteristics such as appearance, height
and constitution as well as development of diseases.

What are environmental factors?

Sensibility over diseases occurs by interactions of numerous genetic factors
and environmental factors. Environmental factors refer to external ones such as personal
lifestyle, eating habits, stress level and others than genetic factors inherited from parents.