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Can I use the result of genetic test for medical treatments and diagnosis?
Genetic test informs you about customer's inborn genetic attributes, but has nothing to do with current health condition and disease diagnosis. Diagnosis and treatment requires a counselling with medical doctors.
What is the ideal age for genetic test?
Unlike the health check-up to determine the current state of health, the genetic information you receive through genentic test does not change over time. Therefore, there is no limit in terms of age but there is the advantage of being able to start caring for your body in a more customized manner earlier as you experience our service early. However, minors require consent from their legal guardians to utilize our service.
What is the difference between genetic test and a medical examination?
A health check-up is a medical evaluation of your current state of health but the genetic test analyzes the genetic characteristics that you are born with to help you to learn information for preventive measures and customized care for your healthy life. We recommend that you consult a medical institution or a doctor for a diagnosis or medical references.
Could the interpretation of the result of the test be different depending on the race?
Yes. The testing method does not differ by race but the frequency of genetic characteristics differ by race and there may be difference in analysis. The genetic analysis provides analysis customized by race and ethnicity using an algorithm that applies the frequencies of genetic characteristics by race.
What would it mean if a risk element is found according to the genetic test result?
The changes to our body are determined by the complex interaction between genetic factors and environmental factors. The 'Effect(risk) genotype' provided service exhibit your genetic characteristics and signifies that you may be weaker in certain areas compared to a person with 'Non-effect(fine) genotype'. Therefore, if you possess any 'Effect(risk) genotype', then you can start a customized care regarding the corresponding item to help you prepare for a healthy and a beautiful life.
What does it mean that 'levels' and 'ranks' are not good as a result of the genetic test?
Risks of contracting diseases are determined by combined interactions of genetic factors and envirionmental factors. The genetic test's 'level and ranks' provides two types of results including inherent genetic results as well as the current lifestyle(environmental factors). The results of risks for each level and rank mean that one can be more susceptible to particular disease than those with 'better factors' in the same condition. Therefore, if the level and rank falls under a level with high risks, one can get support for maintaining a healthier life by carrying out customized management of certain diseases.
Which countries do you ship to?
We ship to everywhere in the Unites States.
Do you ship to multiple addresses?
No, Genosolutions currently does not offer multiple address shipping for a single order.
Can I view my shipping status?
You can view your shipping status by clicking the TRACK SHIPMENT button on the Shipping Status section on My Page.
Can I change my shipping information?
It is not possible to change your shipping information after the order has been placed, so please enter it carefully when placing your order.
Can I purchase without registering?
No, we only offer our service to registered customers, in order to protect customers' personal and genetic information.
Can I purchase multiple products with one ID?
Yes, it is possible to purchase multiple products for your family or as gifts, but you need an individual account for each product in order to view test results.
Can I get a refund?
Please let us know your refund request to the Customer Support Center, and we will process it.
Do you have tips or precautions for collecting the sample?
Please refrain from consuming food (including chewing gum), smoking, brushing your teeth, or using mouthwash before 1 hour of sampling (It is okay to drink water).
Before taking the sample, rinse your mouth with water to make sure there is no foreign material.
Please make sure your sample is collected to the marked line on the bottle.
Please complete the sampling within 30 minutes. If it takes longer, it can affect the accuracy of the results.
Please make sure your sample is properly sealed after collecting it.
How do I register my kit?
Please click REGISTER KIT at the top of the Genosolutions home page. After logging in, enter barcode information and the kit registration is complete. If you don't have an account, registering barcode information and viewing results can be done after making your account.
What do I do if I forgot to register my kit before sending it?
When an unregistered kit arrives in the lab, we will reach you by the contact information you provided in the kit box for confirmation. Please make sure to register your barcode information, as the lab work cannot be performed until the registration is complete.
How long does it take for me to get results?
It takes a minimum of 2 weeks for GS-B and a minimum of 3 weeks for GS-H to receive your results.
How do I view my results?
Once you are notified that your result has been posted, click the CHECK RESULT button at the top right of the Genosolutions website and log in to see the results.
Can I view my results on mobile devices?
Yes, you can view your results on your smartphone, tablet devices and PC.
I forgot my log-in information.
Please contact the Customer Service Center, and we will guide you.
Is it necessary to provide my biological gender?
GenoSolutions needs your biological gender information for quality control and guarantee purposes; therefore, it is required that you provide the information about your biological gender for genetic testing.
Can I purchase individual products instead of sets?
Yes, you can purchase individual products on Shop page.
I made a mistake on my clinical questionnaire. Can I modify it?
No, kit information and clinical questionnaires cannot be modified after the final submission. If you have any concerns, please contact the Customer Service Center.