What is GenoSolution DNA Testing?

With a DNA test, you can find out about your genetic chracteristics including
your tendency to gain weight, go bald and diseases that you are susceptible to.

GenoSolution predicts your physical characteristics and disease risks
to provide a customized solution for your healthy lifestyle.

GenoBasic (GenoSolution)


Plan your customized lifestyle by finding out
about your genetic characteristics.

GenoHealth (GenoSolution X)


A disease prediction service that provides
the complete analysis of the interaction between
genetic and environmental factors

GenoHealth+ (GenoSolution Y)

DNA Disease Prediction Test Service
for 66 Male and 71 Female Diseases

Check the disease that you are
vulnerable to and construct a healthier life.

GenoTraits Series

GenoTraits (GenoKids) : 57 Items
GenoTraits+ (GenoKids Plus) : 66 Items

An Innate Genetic Characteristic and
Trait Information Service!
Discover your child’s innate potential
and create a better future by checking
your child’s genetic characteristics.


Pet’s DNA

Why DNA test for pets?

It is important to know our Pet's genetic information so that we can be aware of any breed-specific health issues or any potential health and possible long-term behavior concerns. Without a dog or cat DNA test, the best pet's parents can do is making assumption or formulate an educated guess based on their pet's physical features.

Our Pet's DNA test will be cross-reference breeds and will provide screening for known health conditions so our pet's parents can be fully prepared to take the proper precautions needed to keep their dogs / cats happy and healthy.

If you'd like more information on how a dog DNA test works, please contact us.

What's in the test kit box?

When pet's parents purchase a Pet's DNA test, you'll generally receive two to four swabs in a test kit (box) for taking a DNA sample, an insert for drying the swabs, a sleeve or test tube to put the swabs inside for transport, a label for the sample, and full instructions for the procedure.

This might not sound like much, but you're not really paying for what's in the box, you're paying for the Genetics testing of your pets.